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2012 White Murder Victims

At the present time, this list only accounts for roughly 50% of the actual black-on-white murders in 2012 that we have in our database or that we have to verify further.

ImageVictimPerpBrief Details about the Crime
Bobby Adams Bobby Adams
Ridgeland, MS
68 years old
died 10-26-12
Joshua Archie and Undra Ward Bobby was working as a store manager at a Party City when he was shot and killed. The two perps,  a current employee and a former employee, hatched a plan to rob the store. Surveillance video captured Bobby going to the back door to let the current employee out at closing time. When he opens the door, a masked gunman(the former employee), comes in and shoots Bobby three times.
Valerie Marie Angeline Valerie Angeline
Philadelphia, PA
31 years old
died 3-24-12
Brandon Timmons Valerie was attacked and killed in her apartment shortly after coming home from celebrating her father's birthday. She suffered multiple stab wounds to her neck and chest and a gunshot wound to her head. The perp was a boyfriend of Valerie's or some other type of acquaintance.
Nathan Baker Nathan Baker Clarke County, MS 47 years old died 6-26-12 Keith & Joe Ann Davis Nathan went missing after handling a service call. He worked for a utility company and had been sent to turn off the power to the perps house after they failed to pay their bill. He was found shot to death in a neighboring county. The couple's 14-year-old son was also charged with helping dispose of the victim's body.
Peter Belmont Jr. Peter Belmont Jr.
Kansas City, MO
69 years old
died 12-16-12
Darrell Broxton Peter, a well-respected and champion breeder of Afghan hounds, was brutally beaten to death in a home invasion/robbery. His body was discovered when friends went to check on him after one of his dogs got loose and was struck by a car.
Courtney Bergman and Vicki Bergman

Courtney Bergman
Redondo Beach, CA
19 years old
died 2-28-12


Vicki Bergman
Redondo Beach, CA
59 years old
died 2-28-12

Jonathan Chacon Courtney and her mother Vicki were found dead in their apartment when a concerned co-worker of Vicki's went to check on her. They had both been stabbed to death. The boyfriend of Courtney, Jonathan Chacon, was soon a suspect in the crime, and tips came in that he had fled to Mexico. He was caught by the Redondo Beach Police Department in cooperation with Mexican authorities. After receiving medical treatment for wounds on his hand, he was brought to the police department and booked on charges of double homicide.
David Allan Biester David A. Biester
Rochester, MN
47 years old
died 4-15-12
Anthony Jones David was last seen at a convenience store with a man who was later identified by police. When they went to this man's house they found evidence linking him to the crime. The perp admitted to beating and kicking David in the head.
Kaylynn Bishop Kaylynn Bishop
Fairbanks, AK
31 years old
died 5-9-12
Nyrobbie Chandler Kaylynn was killed by the man she was dating. Kaylynn's friends told authorities that she told them her boyfriend was jealous and controlling, and that she was in fear of what her boyfriend might do to her, because she had been trying to end the relationship.
Houston Glenn Blackwood

H. Glenn Blackwood
Decatur, AL
33 years old
died 6-2-12

Glenn Blackwood Killers Glenn's roommate answered a knock at the door, and then told Glenn that there was someone that wanted to see him. When Glenn went to the door he was shot several times and killed.
Joel Blumer Joel Blumer Philadelphia, PA 53 years old died 3-3-12 Eric Locke Joel was the owner of a check cashing business, and he was ambushed when he got out of his car to open up the store. He was shot twice in the neck.
Megan Boken Megan Boken
St. Louis, MO
23 years old
died 8-18-12
Keith Esters & Johnathan Perkins Megan was attacked at gunpoint while she was sitting in her car talking to her mother on her cellphone. The two perps went to the area with intentions to rob someone, and they spotted Megan sitting in her car. She was shot in the neck and chest.
Bryan Breen Bryan Breen
New Jersey
24 years old
died 8-31-12
Terence Tyler Bryan was killed at a supermarket where he worked. The perp was a coworker who clocked out, then returned to the store a short time later with a rifle and handgun. He then began to go through the store firing shots. Bryan and another employee, Christina LoBrutto, were both shot and killed.
Jeremiah L. Brook Jeremiah L. Brook
Racine, WI
22 years old
died 7-23-12
Kiori Billups & Latriell Thurman Jeremiah was found by police when they responded to a wreck where Jeremiah's car had run into a parked car. He was suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.
Donovan Buck Donovan Buck
Des Arc, AR
30 years old
died 9-2-12
Frederick Owens Donovan was found stabbed to death in a driveway. The perp was a convicted felon who had been released due to overcrowding in the jail.
Mack Caldwell Mack Caldwell
South Bend, IN
51 years old
died 11-9-12
Rayterrion Wheeler & Herbert Brown Mack was in the home of a friend when he was murdered. The pair of killers entered the house to allegedly buy marijuana from a man in the home, but went there to rob the man instead. Mack was shot while he was sitting down at a dining room table.
James Alan Carr James A. Carr
Greenville, NC
60 years old
died 8-20-12
Tyrell Artis & Shamel Brown James was shot and killed in a home invasion/burglary. He was the Pastor of Outreach for Covenant Methodist Church and worked part time at Pitt Community College. Authorities said he was shot while trying to protect his wife during the robbery.
Lori Anne Carswell Lori A. Carswell
47 years old
died 5-11-12
James Willie Lori was on her way home from work at a casino when she was shot and killed along a highway. The perp was also responsible for the shooting death of Thomas Schlender three days earlier.
Kayla Castro Kayla Castro Columbus, GA 16 years old died 3-31-12 Benjamin Brantley Kayla was with at her boyfriend's house when she was shot and killed. The boyfriend claimed that he was walking back to his bedroom with a sawed off shotgun that a family member gave to him when the gun went off. Kayla was shot in the chest and died at the scene.
Mike Cavanaugh Mike Cavanaugh
Detroit, MI
55 years old
died 6-11-12
Job Hughley Mike was shot and killed in cold blood while he took a nap at a park. The perp was also charged with three sexual assaults on women. In one of the cases, a mother was walking with her baby in a stroller when the perp tried to rape her. She was shot in the back as she tried to run away.
Terie Colecchi Terie Colecchi
Redondo Beach, CA
49 years old
died 6-2-12
Colecchi Murderers Terie was working as a bouncer at a bar when he was attacked by two men. He was beaten severely and left laying unconscious outside the bar. He was taken to a hospital where he later died.
Shannon Kathleen Collins Shannon K. Collins
Santa Cruz, CA
38 years old
died 5-7-12
Charles Anthony Edwards Shannon was walking down a street in broad daylight when she was attacked. Officers responded to the scene and found Shannon with multiple stab wounds. She died at the scene.
Daniel Lee Cooper Daniel Cooper
Kannapolis, NC
17 years old
died 5-22-12
Darius Smotherson and Damarick Harper Daniel was a passenger in a car when he was shot in the neck. He was taken to a hospital where he later died.
Heath Crites Heath Crites
Enid, OK
24 years old
died 12-22-12
Anthony Brown Heath was found by police after they responded to a 911 call. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds and lying in the living room of his home.
April Michelle Danna April M. Danna
Beaumont, TX
27 years old
died 3-30-12
Jaylan Williams April was found lying in the parking lot of a shopping mall center, suffering from a stab wound. She died a short time later at a hospital. The perp was interviewed by police and then arrested for her murder. He also attacked a police officer during the interview.
Dustin Michael Deckard Dustin M. Deckard
Delray Beach, FL
22 years old
died 8-30-12
Sherman Colson, Thomas Byrd & Kevin Sammiel Dustin was shot and killed during a robbery. All three perps have extensive criminal records, including attempted premeditated murder, multiple weapon possession charges, robbery with firearm and other numerous violent crimes.
Amber Deloach Amber DeLoach
Savannah, GA
18 years old
died 9-30-12
Shan Cheley Amber was found dead and covered by a partially burned blanket in the trunk of a burning car. Authorities say she was raped and strangled to death and put in the trunk where the perp then tried to burn the car to destroy evidence.
Candace DeMoss Candace DeMoss
Cincinnati, OH
20 years old
died 11-18-12
Carlos Richardson Candace was found shot and killed, her body lying in the yard of a home. She was apparently living in the home with the perp, his wife, and his children. Police have not released a motive.
Aaron Doty Aaron Doty
Highlands County, FL
20 years old
died 6-11-12
Jonathan Rodriguez and Kenneth Felipe Aaron went missing after being involved in an altercation at a party. His body was found by authorities the next day. He had been brutally beaten to death and then his body was set on fire.
Kristi Ferguson Kristi Ferguson
Oklahoma City, OK
25 years old
died 3-9-12
Donnie Harris Kristi was with her boyfriend in his house when he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire. She was burned from head to toe. Kristi finally died from her injuries a few weeks later in a hospital.
Justin Ferrari Justin Ferrari
Seattle, WA
42 years old
died 5-23-12
Andrew Patterson Justin was shot and killed while driving in a minivan with his parents and his children, ages 4 and 7. The black perp got into an argument with another person and began shooting from across a street. One of the bullets struck Justin in the head.
Wendy Fisher Wendy Fisher
Mobile, AL
40 years old
died 7-7-12
Trayon Washington Wendy was shot and killed after yelling at the driver of a speeding car that was going down her street. One of the passengers got out of the car and pulled out a gun and shot Wendy while her 16-year-old daughter and boyfriend watched in horror.
Brandi Nicole Floyd Brandi N. Floyd
Tunica, MS
25 years old
died 4-5-12
Nathaniel Yates Police were called to the Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Tunica after guests reported hearing arguing and screaming coming from one of the rooms. Brandi was found dead on a hotel room floor. Her boyfriend was caught by police after he jumped out of a window trying to escape. She died on the scene from multiple stab wounds.
Blake Friesen Blake Friesen
Oklahoma City, OK
25 years old
died 8-22-12
William Harding Police officers responded to a 911 call where they found Blake in his car in a driveway. He had been shot several times. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.
Celeste Fronsman Celeste Fronsman
Columbus, OH
29 years old
died 8-28-12
LaFonse Dixon and Monica Washington Celeste was found naked, laying on the side of a rural road. She had been raped, badly burned and had a strap around her neck. She was transported to a hospital, having suffered third and fourth degree burns, where she died two days later.
April Fulghum April Fulghum
Bossier City, LA
32 years old
died 10-10-12
Robert Earl Walter April was working as a manager at an apartment complex when she was shot and killed by an ex-maintenance man who was fired from the complex the day before. April got into an argument with the perp and reported him to her bosses, who then fired him. He was told to turn in his uniform, and when he showed up that's when April was shot.
Bobby Galbraith, Adiele Crutchfield & Marley Crutchfield

Bobby Galbraith
40 years old



Adiele Crutchfield
6 years old



Marley Crutchfield
4 years old


Arkadelphia, AR
all died 12-6-12

Riakos Lizana

Bobby and his two step-daughters, Adiele and Marley, were killed during a home invasion.

Zachary James Gamble Zachary Gamble
Cobb County, GA
34 years old
died 4-8-12
Sean Hall Zach, a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, was severely beaten and left for dead in a parking lot after attending a party. Doctors who performed his surgery said he sustained horrific head injuries, comparable to a gunshot wound. He died about 2 weeks later in the hospital.
Jacqueline Gardner Jacqueline Gardner
Schererville, IN
24 years old
died 5-19-12
Stephen Henderson, William Blasingame, Michael Craig Jacqueline was attacked outside of her apartment after coming home from work. She was choked and suffered a fatal shotgun wound in the back. The perps killed her for nothing more than the $85 dollars in tip money she made that night.
Jacqueline Gavorski Jacqueline Gavorski
South Euclid, OH
65 years old
died 7-14-12
Black Suspect Jacqueline was brutally beaten in her driveway after coming home from the grocery store. Authorities say that a group of teens attacked and robbed her. She died of blunt force trauma to the head.
Raquel Gerstel & Bobbie Sartain

Raquel Gerstel
15 years old



Bobbie Sartain
16 years old


Oakland, CA
both died 11-25-12

Antonio Edwards & Diantay Powell Raquel and Bobbie were best friends who had left a home together in the early morning hours shortly before they were murdered. Police don't know many details of the crime other than that both victims had been shot multiple times and were found lying on opposite sides of a street. Both died at the scene.
Brianne Mary Ginty Brianne M. Ginty
Catawba, NC
22 years old
died 6-7-12
Jermaine Wilkes Brianne got into an argument with an "acquaintance" when she was attacked and killed in her home. Her body was then put in a car and set on fire in order to try and hide the evidence.
Kayla Marie Golden Kayla M. Golden
Spring, TX
28 years old
died 4-17-12
Verna McClain Kayla was leaving a pediatrician's office with her newborn son, who was only 3 days old, when she was shot and killed. The perp shot Kayla, then took her son and sped away. Even though she was mortally wounded, Kayla tried to pull her son from the car as it sped away. The baby was eventually found unharmed.
Rachel Marie Goodnight Rachel M. Goodnight
Columbia, SC
24 years old
died 3-28-12
Lawrence Stevens Rachel's mother reported her as missing when she couldn't get in contact with her. She was found dead a few days liater. According to the medical examiner, Rachel died from blunt force trauma to the head. Her boyfriend was arrested, but for unrelated charges.
Nikita Grebelsky Nikita Grebelsky
New York City, NY
23 years old
died 8-18-12
Michael Magnan Nikita was in a cab with another passenger when a man approaced the cab driver and tried to rob him. The cab driver and the perp go into a fight, the cab driver sped away, and the perp fired at the back window, striking Nikita in the head.
Kevin Grills Kevin Grills Memphis, TN 50 years old died 8-14-12 Timothy Aldridge Kevin was a taxi driver and was killed when he picked up the perp. The perp, who was wanted by police for previous charges, got in the backseat of the cab and then shot Kevin in the back several times. He then went through Kevin's pockets and fled the scene.
Brittany Grosse Brittany Grosse
Lake Charles, LA
21 years old
died 11-30-12
Dustin Pleasant Brittany was attacked and killed by a co-worker. She was found by police laying in the middle of a road. She was unresponsive and pronounced dead on the scene. Authorities say that Brittany died of blunt force trauma and wounds she suffered from a cutting instrument.
Charla Dell Haar Charla D. Haar Bakersfield, CA 39 years old died 4-27-12 Travis Brown Charla got into an argument with an ex-boyfriend. The argument escalated quickly and she was attacked and beaten to death with a baseball bat.
William Harper William Harper
Minneapolis, MN
56 years old
died 3-14-12
Samuel Tayler William was a cab driver who was shot and killed by the passenger in the cab. He was found by police with a gunshot in the side, laying in the street outside his cab. The perp's defense was that he felt his life was in danger because William supposedly wouldn't let him out of the cab.
Susan E. Hashway Susan E. Hashway
Rushton, LA
63 years old
died 6-8-12
Cameron Mays Susan was killed during a home invasion. The perp was also charged with a separate home invasion assault where the victim was tied up and sexually assaulted.
Nancy Hershman Nancy Hershman
Milan, IN
68 years old
died 12-30-12
Allison Moore Nancy was shot and killed in a home-invasion robbery. A 22-year-old female and two 15-year-old boys are charged with the crime. This was the city's first homicide in 17 years.
Travis Holland Travis Holland
Baton Rouge, LA
24 years old
died 8-6-12
Jerron Davis Travis was shot during a robbery attempt just outside of his apartment. He had just stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when he was approached by a gunman who opened fire. He was transported to a hospital where he later died.
Dorothy Melinda Horsman Dorothy M. Horsman
Lake Charles, LA
47 years old
died 8-20-12
Manzy Watson Dorothy was the victim of domestic violence when a man she had dated stabbed her in her home. She was pronounced dead later at a hospital.
Taylor Hotzoglou Taylor Hotzoglou
Clarksville, TN
22 years old
died 4-29-12
Giovanni Johnson Taylor, who had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, was killed after the two perps knocked on his door and asked to use the phone. When they couldn't reach whomever they were calling, Taylor offered to give them a ride. Taylor was found shot to death outside of his car.
Linda Hunnicutt Linda Hunnicutt
Macon, GA
65 years old
died 12-4-12
Frank Reeves Linda was pulling in to a gas station when she accidentally bumped her car into a man in a wheelchair. When she exited her vehicle to check on the man he pulled out a gun and shot her in the chest.
Zachary Hunt Zachary Hunt
Wichita, KS
22 years old
died 11-30-12
Marquis Marshall Zachary was murdered while at a Dollar General store where he worked. A 79-year-old customer was also killed when he went in to the store to buy candy for his grandchildren. Both men were shot and killed near the front door of the store.
Elizabeth Hutcheson Elizabeth Hutcheson
Cedartown, GA
27 years old
died 6-7-12
Cadedra Cook Elizabeth was a delivery driver for Domino's Pizza. The two perps, an 18-year-old female and 15-year-old male, planned a robbery by ordering a pizza to their home. When Elizabeth arrived she was beaten and stabbed 50 times. She was transported to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Nunzio Izzo Nunzio Izzo
Glenn Cove, NY
56 years old
died 12-17-12
Edward Brown Nunzio was killed during an argument with a man who had stolen Nunzio's jewelry. Prosecutors said the perp struck Izzo in the face and head before disposing of his body in a neighbor’s yard. When police arrived to arrest the suspect, he confessed to killing Nunzio and led them to his body.
Heather Jackson, Celina Jackson & Wayne Jackson

Heather Jackson
23 years old

Celina Jackson
3 years old

Wayne Jackson
18 months old


Sandusky, OH
died 9-8-12

Curtis Clinton Heather invited the perp, whom she had met a few months prior, into her house. At some point during that visit he attacked her and her two children. All three were strangled to death. No motive was given. He was a convicted sex offender, and was also indicted on rape charges for a separate case.
Ashleigh Diane Jacobs Ashleigh D. Jacobs
Tallahassee, FL
26 years old
died 3-10-12
Jarvis McBride Ashleigh was found in her car, shot multiple times in the back and head at close range. Investigators found McBride's DNA in her car and under her fingernails.
Jeffrey A. Joyner Jeffrey A. Joyner
New Bern, NC
46 years old
died 3-9-12
Christopher Bryan, Titus Dawson, Kevin Henderson & Dwyane Evans Jeffrey was the victim of a home invasion and shooting. The perps knocked on the door, then they burst into the home when a resident opened the door. Two residents escaped, but Jeffrey was shot and killed. Authorities believe the perps knew that Jeffrey had just gotten his paycheck, and they decided to rob him.
Brittany Dawn Killgore Brittany D. Killgore
San Diego, CA
22 years old
died 4-13-12
Louis Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lopez Brittany was lured into the car of a male acquaintance who had promised to help her move. Shortly after getting in the car, she sent a text message of "help" to a friend. She was then kidnapped and taken to a home where the perp and two women raped, tortured and strangled Brittany in a sadomasochistic thrill kill.
Ashley Nicole King Ashley N. King
Slidell, LA
32 years old
died 2-23-12
Devin Baham and Andrew Sumner Ashley had just moved to Slidell from Louisville, KY a few weeks before she was killed. The two perps went in to her apartment to rob her, while another female accomplice sat in a waiting car. Ashley was stabbed to death, and then her and her apartment were set on fire to try and cover up the crime.
Bonnie King Bonita Sue King
Jesup, GA
33 years old
died 3-25-12
Jeremy King Deputies were called to Bonnie's house by her brother when she texted him a message that she needed help. When deputies arrived they found Bonnie(who was pregnant) with a gunshot wound to the head. They also found a dog that had been shot to death. The husband was charged with her murder, feticide, cruelty to animals, and several other crimes.
Michael Jeffrey Kuhlman Michael J. Kuhlman
Saginaw, MI
36 years old
died 5-30-12
Quintel West Michael was killed during a home invasion when the perp(s) broke in to Michael's house while he was playing poker with a group of friends. Most of the other players were able to escape out a side door, but Michael was shot and killed inside the home.
Justin Travis Lancaster Justin T. Lancaster
Goldsboro, NC
25 years old
died 10-24-12
Gerald Lee Justin was found by the Police who were responding to a call about a person lying on the road. He had been shot.
John Laubach John Laubach
Chelsea, NY
57 years old
died 3-2-12
Edwin Faulkner and Juan Martinez-Herrera John was killed during a sexual encounter with two men. The perps choked him to death, bound his wrists and ankles with duct tape and an electrical cord, and then wrapped the cord around his head and mouth. The perps were apprehended when they tried to pawn some of John's jewelry.
Carolyn Leete Carolyn Marie Leete
St. Paul, MN
32 years old
died 3-3-12
Brent Lynch Carolyn was with her boyfriend when he said he tried to throw her on the bed and missed, causing her to hit her head. Her official cause of death was traumatic head injury due to physical assault. There were numerous contusions to the back of her head, cuts on both lips, fractured nasal bones, and a fractured rib. Lynch was arrested trying to leave the scene in a taxi.
Aaron Leffage Aaron Leffage
Beaumont, TX
20 years old
died 7-5-12
Terry Frasier & Terry Euglon Aaron was robbed and brutally beaten by two black perps. He sustained serious injuries caused by blunt force trauma and died at a hospital two days after the attack.
Bryce Linebaugh Bryce Linebaugh
Youngstown, OH
8 years old
died 8-20-12
Shawn Wilson Bryce was shot and killed while he slept in a bunk bed at his home. The perp was in an altercation with a resident of the house next to Bryce's, and the perp returned in the early morning hours and fired several rounds from a rifle while sitting in his car. One of those round struck Bryce in the head.
Marley Lion Marley Lion
Charleston, SC
17 years old
died 6-16-12
Marley Lion Killers Marley was shot and killed in an attempted robbery. Police speculate that Marley had left a party and decided to pull in to an area to sleep in his SUV, because he was too drunk to drive. One of the perps is on video walking up to the SUV where Marley was sleeping. The alarm on the vehicle goes off and the gunman retreats, but then comes back and starts firing.
Christina LoBrutto Christina LoBrutto
New Jersey
18 years old
died 8-31-12
Terence Tyler Christina was working at a supermarket when she was shot and killed by a coworker. The coworker clocked out, then returned to the store a short time later with a rifle and handgun. He then began to go through the store firing shots. Christina and another employee, Bryan Breen, were both shot and killed.
Robert Marchand, Shirley Marchand and Douglas Dooley

Robert Marchand
74 years old
died 2-18-12
Shirley Marchand
72 years old
died 3-2-12


Douglas Dooley
50 years old
died 2-18-12

The murderers of Robert and Shirley Marchand and Douglas Dooley

Location: Gonzalez, LA

Robert, Shirley and Shirley's son, Douglas, were the victims of a violent home invasion. One of the perps had worked for the victims and knew about a safe and gold coins that were in the house.

All three victims were beaten and had their throats slashed. Robert and Douglass were pronounced dead at the scene. Shirley died about 2 weeks later after clinging to life.

Jeffrey Matthew McCoy Jeffrey M. McCoy
Midwest City, OK
32 years old
died 5-18-12
Lester Kinchion Jeffrey was conducting a probation supervision check at a home when he was attacked. As he arrived, a man answered the door and immediately attacked Jeffrey. The man then gained control of his service weapon and shot and killed Jeffrey.
Alicia McDonald Alicia McDonald
Winter Haven, FL
22 years old
died 02-07-12
Michael Hagan Friends of Alicia had contacted police to report her missing. Police found a blood trail from her bedroom to her garage, where her 2007 Suzuki was missing. A deputy found her car, and she was covered in blood in the passenger seat of her car. She had been shot in the face. Her boyfriend was charged with the crime.
Sharlotte McGill Sharlotte McGill Spokane, WA 55 years old died 5-3-12 Avondre Graham Sharlotte was attacked while she was walking her dog on a trail along the Spokane River. The 17-year-old perp jumped out from behind some bushes near the entrance of the trail, and then stabbed her multiple times. She was able to identify her attacker(a black male) to police before dying at a hospital.
Jimmy McMillan Jimmy McMillan
Belle Glade, FL
49 years old
died 1-2-12
Corey Graham and Jonathan Jones Jimmy was a former bass fishing champion, and owned the grocery store where he was shot in an early morning robbery attempt. An employee arrived soon after the crime and Jimmy was airlifted to a hospital, where he later died. Graham was the shooter and Jones was charged as an accomplice. Police say that McMillan complied with Graham's demands, but was shot anyway.
Timothy McNerney Timothy McNerney
Washington, PA
21 years old
died 10-4-12
Adam Hankins, Eric Wells, Troy Simmons Tim and a friend were walking home from a bar when they were confronted by three black males who demanded Tim's cellphone. Both victims were punched and kicked when they fell to the ground. Timothy died from a head injury when his head hit the ground after being punched.
Allen McPherson Allen Ray McPherson
Orlando, FL
48 years old
died 10-20-12
Terrance Anthony Allen was working as a security guard at an apartment complex when he was gunned down by a 17-year-old black boy who already had a criminal record for breaking and entering, robbery, grand theft auto and assault.
Joshua W. Merritt Joshua W. Merritt
Mansfield, OH
34 years old
died 5-6-12
Delbert Williams Joshua was in the parking lot of a club when he was attacked. Two females were involved in an altercation at the club, and then later returned with two males who started a fight in the parking lot. Joshua was stabbed in the chest, and later died at a hospital.
Frank James Motta Frank J. Motta
Spokane, WA
65 years old
died 3-15-12
Treven Lewis Frank was asked by his out-of-town neighbor to break up a party that the neighbor's son was having. When he went to the house to tell them to leave he was attacked by one of the party-goers. He was pushed to the ground by the perp and then punched in the head. He died several days later at a hospital.
Shauna Christine Parks Shauna C. Parks
Peoria, IL
30 years old
died 5-27-12
Carlos Hightower Shauna was killed by her live-in boyfriend in a murder-suicide in the home they shared together. She was found in garage with multiple gunshot wounds. The couple had three children together.
Linda Perelli-Brown Linda Perelli-Brown
San Tan Valley, AZ
50 years old
died 11-25-12
Corey Allen Police were called to Linda's home after her daughter made a 911 call telling police that an acquaintance was threatening her mother inside the family home. Linda had called her daughter who was not at the home, and the daughter then called police. When police arrived they found Linda with multiple gunshots. She died a short time later at a hospital.
Randall Curtis Perkins Randall C. Perkins
San Antonio, TX
20 years old
died 3-24-12
Leandre Hill Randall was at an apartment complex near the University of Texas at San Antonio when he was shot. A fight broke out at a party when people who weren't invited to the party showed up. Randall was shot by the perp at some point during the fight. Another man was shot, but survived his injuries.
Kayla Peterson Kayla Peterson
Beaver Falls, PA
22 years old
died 12-8-12
Todavia Cleckley & Marcus Velasquez Kayla was shot and killed while she was walking down the street with her boyfriend. The two perps followed the couple after they left a convenience store and started harassing them, asking for cigarettes. An argument ensued and Kayla was shot. Several hours after the shooting the perps posted pictures on Facebook of themselves posing with guns.
Noah Randle

Noah Randle
Shreveport, LA
22 years old
died 9-2-12

Glenn Lamario Laws & Shannon Collins Noah was shot and killed when he walked in on a robbery. The two perps approached the residents of an apartment as they sat outside. They forced everyone inside at gunpoint and began to rob them. Noah walked in on the robbery and was shot in the head and died a short time later at a hospital.
Charity Ann Romo Charity A. Romo
San Antonio, TX
29 years old
died 4-4-12
Joshua Garcia Charity was stabbed and murdered in her apartment during a robbery attempt. The perp was caught when his mother turned him in after finding stolen items, drugs, and a broken knife. He told police he killed her because he didn't want her to tell police.
Stephanie Ross Stephanie Ross
Dade City, FL
25 years old
died 12-10-12
Lucious Smith Stephanie was stabbed to death while she was delivering medical paperwork to the perp's home. Police were called when they received reports of a man chasing a woman with a knife and stabbing her.
Reba Lynn Marie Ryan Reba Lynn Marie Ryan
Ellerbe, NC
4 years old
died 9-28-12
Julius Lilly Reba was killed by the live-in boyfriend of her mother. Details of the murder have not been released.
Brian Schiavetti Brian Schiavetti
Montclair, NJ
21 years old
died 7-22-12
Ernest Williams Brian was shot and killed in a robbery attempt at an apartment. Police say he was shot multiple times.
Thomas Schlender Thomas Schlender
74 years old
died 5-8-12
James Willie Thomas was driving from Nebraska to Florida to pick up his grandson from college when he was shot and killed. He was found in his car along interstate 55. The perp went on to shoot Lori Carswell three days later.
Timothy Jacob Schweiss Timothy J. Schweiss
Sacramento, CA
25 years old
died 8-21-12
Gabriel McCalister & Marcus Logan Timothy was shot and killed in an apartment parking lot. Authorities believe it was a marijuana transaction, and that the perps decided to rob Timothy and shoot him.
Richard Lamar Shaw Richard L. Shaw
St. Petersburg, FL
41 years old
died 6-19-12
Justin Hart & Charles Stone Richard was shot and killed in a home invasion. Four black males burst into his home demanding money and jewelry. When Richard — who had just lost his wife to lung cancer — reached for his gun trying to protect himself and his son, he was shot.
Phyllis Stein Phyllis Stein
Fort Myers, FL
61 years old
died 6-20-12
Antonio Thomas Phyllis was killed by a man who was on a 9-day spree of violence. Authorities say that the perp spotted Phyllis washing her car and decided to carjack her. He raped her and then strangled her to death before dumping her body behind an Auto Zone store. He also raped, carjacked, kidnapped and stabbed other victims during his crime spree.
Bob and Nancy Strait Bob Strait
90 years old
died 5-4-12
Nancy Strait
85 years old
died 3-12-12
Tyrone Woodfork

Location: Tulsa, OK

Nancy and her husband, Bob, were the victims of a violent home invasion. Nancy was sexually assaulted and beaten to death. Bob was severely beaten, suffering a broken jaw and ribs, and he was shot in the face with a BB gun. Bob died almost 2 months later. The couple was married for 65 years.

Kay Straw Kay Straw
Waterloo, IA
59 years old
died 5-2-12
Kevin Ambrose Kay was shot and killed by her daughter's boyfriend when her daughter and the boyfriend got into an argument. Her daughter was also shot and seriously injured.
Patrick Sullivan, Deborah Sullivan and Wendy Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan
56 years old



Deborah Sullivan
48 years old



Wendy Sullivan
26 years old


Nashville, TN
all died on 10-22-12

Lorenzo Jenkins

Patrick, his wife, Deborah, and daughter, Wendy, were murdered at their residence. Police believe the motive could have been drug related.

Deborah and Wendy were found dead inside their home. Patrick was found dead in a storage shed behind the house. All three victims were stabbed to death.

The perp was arrested and charged with the triple homicide after DNA samples submitted to the TBI confirmed a match between the suspect and the crime scene.

Thriza Sweeten Thriza Sweeten
Paulsboro, NJ
79 years old
died 3-19-12
Samuel Davis Thriza was brutally beaten to death in her home by a man who was an acquaintance of her son. She was found by her daughter the next day. The perp was also a registered sex offender.
Zane Taylor Zane Taylor
Gallia County, OH
33 years old
died 6-11-12
Zane Taylor Murderers Zane was killed at his home during a robbery.
Joseph Alexander Ulrich Joseph "Alex" Ulrich
Baltimore, MD
40 years old
died 8-10-12
Black Suspects Alex was shot and killed as he stood on the front steps of a building talking to some friends. Witnesses say that a black male and a black female walked up to the group and tried to rob them. Alex and another victim were shot and transported to a hospital. Alex died a short time later.
Cayce Vice and Sandra Rogers

Cayce Rae Vice
Augusta, GA
21 years old
died 1-28-12


Sandra E. Rogers
Aiken, SC
48 years old
died 1-28-12

Joshua Jones Cayce, who was a few weeks pregnant, was found shot to death in her apartment when her manager summoned the police and went to check on her after she didn't show up for work. Her manager was immediately concerned because Cayce had recently missed two weeks of work after she said she was beaten by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Joshua Jones, was instantly labeled a suspect. After killing Cayce, Jones headed to Aiken, SC, where Sandra Rogers was a police officer. Sandra was responding to a report of suspicious activity when she was shot by Jones as she approached the car he was in. She died a short time later at a hospital.
Michael & Bonnie Vincent Michael Vincent
58 years old
Bonnie Vincent
53 years old

Lincolton, NC
died 3-24-12
Wilbert Lester Fair Mike and his wife Bonnie were killed during a home invasion. Their bodies were discovered by a neighbor who went to check on them after not seeing them for a few days.
Jacob Wages Jacob Wages
Joplin, MO
23 years old
died 7-6-12
Daniel Hartman Jacob was shot and killed when he confronted three men as they were breaking into his home. After shooting Jacob, the perps went through his house looking for things to steal.
Michael J. Walter Michael J. Walter
Pearl, MS
37 years old
died 5-1-12
Carnell Gaines Jr. Michael, a Pearl, MS Police investigator, and other officers were serving a warrant when the perp opened fire. Michael was shot and killed, and two other officers were shot, but survived. The perp, who was a suspect in a sexual battery case, was shot and killed by other officers returning fire.
Cheynah Dawn Watson Cheynah D. Watson
Fairfield, CA
19 years old
died 3-31-12
Warren Sloan Cheynah was found stabbed to death behind a home. A witness reportedly heard a scream coming from a nearby yard. When the witness looked over the fence they saw Cheynah laying on the ground, and saw the perp standing over her stabbing her.
Brett Wells Brett A. Wells
Mechanicsville, VA
16 years old
died 1-21-12
Xavia Highsmith, Kevin Drayton and Da'von Byars Brett was killed when he was meeting with the perps to sell them marijuana. They pretended to want to buy some from him, but their real motive was to rob him. At some point an altercation ensued and Brett was shot in the chest.
Stacy West Stacy West
McDonough, GA
42 years old
died 12-8-12
Two Black Suspects Stacy and her husband were the victims of a violent home invasion. The two suspects, a black male and black female, entered the home with guns and struggled with the couple. Stacy was shot and killed and her husband was also wounded.
William Blaine Whitworth William Whitworth
Warrensburg, MO
25 years old
died 9-1-12
Reginald Singletary and Ziyad Abid William was shot and killed outside of his home in what police say was a murder-for-hire.
Theresa Jeanine Wilson Theresa J. Wilson
Beckley, WV
48 years old
died 6-5-12
Arthur Agnew Theresa was viciously beaten by her live-in boyfriend. She was taken to a hospital where she died several days later after being taken off life support.
Jacqueline Wisniewski Jacqueline Wisniewski
Buffalo, NY
33 years old
died 6-13-12
Timothy Jorden Jacqueline was working at a hospital when the perp, a doctor at the hospital, shot and killed her. Jacqueline told friends that she had had a relationship with the doctor, and that he abused her and had been stalking her.
Naomi Wright Naomi T. Wright
Durham, NC
65 years old
died 3-23-12
O'Brian White Naomi was working at the front desk of a tire store when a gunman walked in and demanded money. Even though she gave the robber the money that he demanded, she was shot and killed anyway. A customer who was at the store was also shot and killed, and another customer and store employee were shot and seriously injured.

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