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Mr X
05-29-2013, 09:44 AM
In an effort to keep the AWPN Forums informative, productive, civil and safe, we expect all users to know and adhere to the rules and guidelines. Ignorance is not an excuse.

AWPN Forum Rules (violations can lead to a permanent ban from the site)

Do NOT post personal information about other members.
Do NOT post anything that is threatening or suggesting of physical violence.
Do NOT attack or slander other members for their views on economic or social issues. Agree to disagree, find some common ground and move on.
Do NOT lie or misrepresent yourself or your views. We are extremely tolerant of most views, so there's just no reason to lie.
Do NOT spam. This includes any incessant self-promotion of any type, link-building, or anything that doesn't stay on topic and add to the thread.
Do NOT register multiple accounts or allow anyone to use your account or log in with your username. This is an immediate ban from the Forum and website.

AWPN Posting Guidelines

Try to keep things positive. We don't want to create an atmosphere where people are only interested in complaining and pointing fingers. We want Activists; we want Positive(Pride); we want people actively pursuing goals to better AWPN and the White community in general. The 10:90 ratio is ideal: 10% of your time complaining about a problem, 90% actually doing something about that problem.
Be civil! There should be a better than average attempt to show respect for other members and their opinions and views. We tolerate a wide range of views on social issues. While we expect passionate discussion and disagreement, there is simply no excuse to allow those disagreements to derail the underlying premise of this site.
User proper punctuation and spelling. We certainly don't expect perfection, but you are expected to show a little respect for the English language and the brilliant men and women who lived and died perfecting it.
Post in the proper sections. The sections are clearly labeled.
Do not show support for KKK or neo-Nazi groups or websites. While we acknowledge that these groups might exhibit some pro-White views, we also must note that they are far more myopic in their support of White people. We look to encourage unity among all White people, regardless of their views or social status. The groups in question only exist to promote their own views and versions of White unity, usually at the expense of others. These two approaches are incompatible and diametrically opposed when it comes to achieving any long-term or even short-term success. Simply put, we don't necessarily work against those groups, we just don't work with them.
Use an appropriate title when starting a thread.